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Simplify-AI-Cork: Where AI Becomes Clear and Simple.

Professional Artificial Intelligence Training and Consultancy. 

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Professional Consulting

With a decade of development experience, I've pivoted my passion towards the transformative power of AI. My hands-on involvement with cutting-edge AI projects and spearheading AI tool adoption in professional settings has equipped me with the insight and expertise to bring the benefits of AI to businesses and individuals alike.


At Simplify-AI-Cork, I am committed to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence for businesses and individuals alike, ensuring AI integration is smooth, understandable, and accessible to all.

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One-to-One AI Guidance

AI doesn't have to be overwhelming. With our one-to-one guidance, you'll gain a comfortable understanding of AI at your own pace. We're here to answer all your questions and provide the support you need to navigate the AI landscape confidently. From explaining the basics of ChatGPT to creating custom AI tools for your business, let's turn curiosity into capability together.

Modern AI Tools for Every Business

Regardless of your business size, modern AI tools can offer innovative solutions. From automated customer service bots to advanced analytics, these tools can help you make informed decisions, optimize your services, and enhance productivity. Discover the AI tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your business model for maximum impact.

AI Consulting Cork

Unlock the potential of AI for your business with our expert consulting services. From streamlining operations to unlocking insights from your data, our tailored AI strategies are designed to align with your unique business goals. Let us guide you through the maze of AI possibilities to elevate your business efficiency and competitiveness.

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Embrace the AI Revolution

In the midst of an AI evolution, it's natural to feel a mix of excitement and caution. The changes ahead are significant, reshaping every facet of our lives and work. But with Simplify-AI-Cork, you have a trusted guide to lead the way. Our expertise turns apprehension into advantage, helping you stay ahead of the curve. Let's demystify AI together, unlocking opportunities for growth, innovation, and a smarter tomorrow.

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